Farrier's Formula Regular Strength, 11 lb



Farrier's Formula Regular Strength, 11 lb

Over 30 years of equine nutritional research, clinical trials and field testing have gone into every cup of Farrier's Formula Regular Strength. Read More

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Farrier's Formula Regular Strength

"Nutritional support for healthy hooves." While no single nutrient is the key to a healthy hoof, studies show that most horses with hoof problems respond better to overall nutrition. Provided important nutrients such as zinc, iodine, biotin and omega 3 fatty acids that promote healthy hoof growth.

In as little as 2 weeks, you will notice a healthier coat. Within 8 to 10 weeks you will notice healthy and strong hoof growth. Daily dose at the replenishment level: for 1000 lbs of body weight, feed one measuring cup (170 gm) of product per day. 30 day supply.

And by the way, your horse will love the taste!


  • Brand: Life Data Labs
  • Type: Supplement
  • Size: 11 lb bag

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "The Best for Hooves!"

    I've been using Farrier's Formula for about 10 years now. During that time, I've tried other hoof supplements a couple of times, only to come running back to Farrier's Formula. I like the Regular strength because it's plenty sufficient. I give two of my horses 1/4 cup a day and one gets 1/2 cup day. Any more than that, and their hooves grow too fast. Two of my horses are used for endurance and are barefoot as much as possible (boots or EasyShoes for longest rides). I trim them all myself every 3 weeks, and if I give them more Farrier's Formula, they can't quite make it to 3 weeks. They love the taste of Farrier's Formula, and the pellets make it easy to feed.

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