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Extinguish Plus

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Extinguish Plus Ant Control is a one-two punch for fire ants, quick reduction of mounds and the confidence that the ants will be completely extinguished through IGR. Read More

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Extinguish Plus Ant Control

Controls fire ants by combining the killing speed of an adulticide immediately after ingestion and the IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) prevents the queen from laying fertile eggs.
The result is a one-two punch for fire ants, quick reduction of mounds and the confidence that the ants will be completely extinguished through IGR.

Extinguish Plus Ant Control is best for:

  • homes
  • non-food/feed areas
  • warehouse
  • other commercial establishments

Extinguish Plus Ant Control is used to aid in the control of:

  • fire ants
  • harvester ants
  • big-headed ants
  • argentine ants


  • Brand: Farnam
  • Form: Bait
  • Ingredient: Hydramethylnon,S-Methoprene
  • Size: 1.5 lb,4½ lb
  • Insect Type: Ants

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Safe for my livestock and pets."

    I worry most about my baby goats, etc. They can lay down in fire ants and be killed. I used this for the first time last year around livestock, in pastures, etc. One thing you should know, test to see if the fire ants are foraging. Take a plain potato chip and drop it near the mound (not on the mound as that makes them respond aggressively). Wait a few minutes to see if the fire ants are attracted and actively foraging on the chip. If so, time to put this bait out. If not, ground and/or air temp too cold, etc. I put out a tablespoon every 20 feet then move over 30 feet and start again. If you use this grid like pattern, you will use less Extinguish and save money. Fire Ant's forage within about a 20 foot radius so you can see how this would work. It really stretches the amount used which is important for bigger areas. One tactic I used was focusing my pasture treatment in the area that the babies are living. This is usually a smaller area for me. Then I start working on the larger pastures. I use my atv to put it out by riding and sprinkling by hand. Put some out, drive about 20 feet, sprinkle again. I start by treating a fence line then use it as a reference point for the next line of treatment. You'll find that fire ants will build more mounds in less traveled areas like fence lines so that's a bonus to start there. It DOES take days to a few weeks to work but once it does, it really works and is safe for your livestock. It does NOT work on all ants. If you need immediate kill for your livestock areas, this isn't it. There are a lot of immediate kill chemicals but if you have babies you may want to use the boiling water method. I hear that pouring boiling water on mounds will knock them back a bit. If true, that's chemical free and could buy you some time until the bait starts working and is safe (once it cools off and you don't burn yourself). I don't actually use a tablespoon to measure. I make me a shaker with a small hole and give it a few shakes which is more or less a tablespoon. The 1.5 lb container has a built in shaker system. You just need to experiment with how much you are delivering per shake. With the use of an atv or golf cart or riding mower, you can put this stuff out fast. I currently treat about 15 acres. You should apply when the soil is first _warm enough_ and ants are active, then mid-summer and then just before it gets cold. If you do that, the next spring there will be less mounds then the previous year! You can't get rid of Fire Ants completely but you sure can control them. I'm a retired person with a farm so am on a budget. The cost of this stuff is high but if used like I describe, it is very effective and safe. As usual, Jeffers has a good price. Good luck.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Terrific! It works!"

    This is the only product I have used that WORKS. I use on the established mounds, just 2 tablespoons even on a big mound, and a few weeks later: totally gone. No rebuild! The trick is you must be patient as it does take a few weeks to collapse the mound, sometimes sooner. You will see signs of slowing down in a few days. Great product!

  3. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Great Stuff!"

    "I used this for the first time last year in my horse pastures because it was one of the few pesticides approved for pastures. Instead of a dozen or so fireant mounds/acre, I ended up with maybe one/acre which I treated again individually. What a difference!! I used a simple hand held seed spinner on a low setting and spaced my rows 30"" apart. No need to cover every inch....the ants come to the bait :) "

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