4.5 lb DooKashi For The Stable




4.5 lb DooKashi For The Stable

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DooKashi For The Stable s a natural ammonia odor control product for stalls and trailers that neutralizes pathogens at the microbial level. 4.5 lb. Read More

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DooKashi For The Stable, 4.5 lb

Most horse owners have to trailer or stall their horse at some point. This means ammonia odor from pet urine can accumulated rapidly making respiratory systems susceptible to health risks.

If you smell ammonia, it's not just an odor problem, it's a health problem for equine and human. When poo is eliminated, flies stay away making horses much happier and healthier.

DooKashi For The Stable Key Features:

  • reduces unsafe parasites and fly infestation
  • speeds up horse manure composting process
  • bedding additive and compost accelerator
  • supports horse's overall health by lowering ammonia levels


  • select wheat bran
  • OMRI listed probiotic
  • blackstrap molasses
  • purified water

DooKashi has a whole grain oats-like texture and is safe if ingested by animals or humans.


  • Brand: DooKashi
  • Type: Odor Control
  • Size: 4.5 lb Bag

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