Diaque Nutritional Supplement

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Diaque Nutritional Supplement

Diaque is a high energy and electrolytes source for calves, piglets, lambs and goats. May be used during times of stress due to changes in feed or environment. Read More

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Diaque™ Nutritional Supplement

Source of energy and electrolytes for calves and other species. Suitable nutritional supplement for piglets, lambs and goats at the same concentration with volume in proportion to their body weight.

Features & Benefits of using Diaque™:

  • high energy content
  • unique formula containing a patented hydrophobic citrus fiber
  • supports fast absorption of electrolytes and water
  • unique three step buffering system allows it to be fed with milk, milk replacer or water
  • may be used during times of stress due to changes in feed or environment
  • can be mixed in the normal milk feeding

Directions for dosing Diaque™:

  • just one dose removes 350 billion e-coli
  • mix 3.5 oz with 2 qts warm water, milk or milk replacer and feed immediately
  • feed mixture 2-3 times daily

Has no side effects.

Should start to see results within 24 hours.


  • Brand: Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Ingredient: Calcium,Phosphorus,Salt,Potassium,Ash
  • Form: Drinking Water,Feed Additive
  • Size: 3½ oz,6.6 lb,22 lb

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