Complete Wave Fork with 2-piece Handle



Complete Wave Fork with 2-piece Handle

The Complete Wave Fork with two piece handle is lightweight and unbreakable. The Kit includes a 2-piece Wave Fork handle, Wave Fork rail, 2 Wave Fork tine packs and the outer tines. Read More

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Complete Wave Fork w/ 2-piece handle

The Complete Wave Fork is a complete set of all pieces needed to construct your Wave Fork.

The intelligent design maximizes durability. The tines are likely not to break but can easily be replaced and replacements are available separately.

The Kit Includes:

  • 2-Piece Wave Fork Handle
  • Wave Fork Rail
  • (2) Wave Fork tine packs
  • outer tines


  • Brand: Noble Outfitters
  • Type: Fork

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  1. 4.0 out of 5 stars


    It is fun to customize and great that the tines are replaceable, but probably not going to change the manure scooping experience for anyone that much! The outside tines on one side keep sliding out and making a big space for manure to fall through, which is kind of annoying. Other than that, I like the handle a lot.

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