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CLIX No Bark Collar

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CLIX No-Bark Collar is a dog bark control device that helps to train your dog in a humane matter to understand when it's okay to bark and when it's not. Read More

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CLIX No Bark Collar

Train your dog to understand when it's OK to bark and when it's not. A dog's natural instinct is to bark, but sometimes peace and quiet is necessary.

The CLIX No Bark collar is a dog barking control device that will humanely, stop your dog from barking when it's used with proper training. The temperament and breed of your dog will determine how quickly and easily they will learn when they can bark and when they can't. Some dogs learn easily and won't need to wear the collar long term, while others will associate not barking with the collar and will only control themselves when it's on.

For best training results, only use the collar when you do not want your dog to bark at all and remove it when barking is acceptable or desired.

CLIX No-Bark Collars are adjustable and use simple watch batteries.

Collars are not waterproof!

How does CLIX No-Bark Collar work?

When wearing the collar if, your dog barks, a microphone picks up the sound and sends an ultra- high frequency tone that interrupts the bark without hurting their ears. This tone is annoying, but completely harmless and inaudible to most humans. There is also a vibration mode option that is not harmful and is often strong enough to deter your dog from continuing to bark.

Size of the CLIX No-Bark Collar:

  • Large - fits necks up to 18" and has 3 levels of sensitivity.


  • Brand: Clix
  • Size: Large
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Training Collar

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