Carpenter Bee Trap



Carpenter Bee Trap

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Carpenter Bee Trap is environmentally safe as it uses no bait or harsh chemicals. This trap will last many seasons as is. Read More

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Carpenter Bee Trap

An environmentally safe trap used for carpenter bees that does not use bait or any harsh chemicals.

How to use the Carpenter Bee Trap:

Set Up:
  1. screw empty bottle to bottom of trap
  2. hang using the screw eye on top of trap or mount on a wall or post using the two screws through the back
  3. place trap high on soffits or corner post for best results
  4. place trap on sunny side of building
To Empty:
  • empty bottle or replace it with a 20 oz soda bottle when original bottle gets ¾ full

Useful Information on Carpenter Bees:

  • keeping traps up year-round will help prevent new infestation
  • bees are more active with breeding and fighting in the Spring
  • traps are effective through the warm season when bees are flying
  • bees sleep in the holes they drill year-round
  • use of insecticides, stain, or paint is not recommended with trap
  • trap will last many seasons as is


  • Brand: Pop's Wood Shed
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Material: Wood
  • Pest Type: Carpenter Bees

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