CanineActiv Travel Pack, Large Dogs (over 65 lb)




CanineActiv Travel Pack, Large Dogs (over 65 lb)

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CanineActiv Homeopathic Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory is used for relief of inflammation and pain, as well as for increased mobility before strenuous activities in dogs. Read More

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CanineActiv Homeopathic Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory Travel Pack, Large Dogs (over 65 lbs)

The Travel Pack CanineActiv Homeopathic Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory for large dogs over 65 lbs is a homeopathic medication used for fast-acting relief of inflammation and pain for increased mobility. Each convenient travel pack contains 28 capsules with all ingredients at a 3X HPUS* dose.

Benefits of CanineActiv Homeopathic Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory:

  • safer alternative for dogs than regular ibuprofen and NSAIDS
  • provider faster pain relief than other glucosamine supplements
  • starts working as soon as it is absorbed, usually within a few days
  • promotes mobility
  • non-toxic and safe formula

Directions for dosage:
For general aches & pains - 2 capsules once per day.
For acute or chronic pain - 2 capsules twice per day until relief is achieved, then maintain at the lowest possible dosage.

* HPUS means they are all officially part of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.


  • Brand: CanineActiv
  • Type: Pain Management and Inflammation

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