Bungee Pupee Dog Leash, Large (up to 65 lb), 6' L



Bungee Pupee Dog Leash, Large (up to 65 lb), 6' L

Bungee Pupee Dog Leash is a revolutionary change in dog leash design. It absorbs the hard jerk that is inherent in standard leashes. Good for you and your dog! 6', Large. Read More

Color: Purple Black Gold (In Stock)

  • Blue Black Gold
  • Red Gold Black
  • Pink Gray Black
  • Purple Black Gold
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Bungee Pupee Leash, (6', Large)

A revolutionary change in dog leash design.

Bungee Pupee Leash Key Features:

  • absorbs the hard jerk of standard leashes
  • helps protect the owner from injury
  • reduces risk of neck and spine injury to the dog
  • tensile strength of bungee cord
  • proprietary twist
  • dog is passively corrected

After continued use, the dog becomes instinctively trained not to pull against you.

Leash selection is determined by weight and pulling strength of the dog.

  • Small........up to 25#
  • Medium....up to 45#
  • Large........up to 65#
  • XLarge.....up to 165#


  • Brand: Bungee Pupee
  • Size: Large (up to 65 lb) / 6' L
  • Color: Blue/Black/Gold, Red/Gold/Black, Pink/Gray/Black, Purple/Black/Gold
  • Type: Leash

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Bungee leash"

    Love them; have two dogs that pull and didn't feel them at all.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Bungee Pupee Leash"

    I just love this leash! Easy on the arms, shoulders if you have a puller! Style is beautiful, too!

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