Land O Lakes Colostrum Replacer for Calves

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Land O Lakes Colostrum Replacer for Calves

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Land O' Lakes Bovine IgG Colostrum Replacer contains all the protein and fat of real bovine 100% colostrum. Provides energy to survive and grow and antibodies for good health. 470 grams Read More

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Recognizing and Handling Calving Problems

Calving difficulty (dystocia) is a concern of every cattleman because it is a major cause of calf deaths and is second only to rebreeding failures in reducing calf crop percentages. Cows that have difficulty during calving have significantly lower fertility at rebreeding.


Land O Lakes Colostrum Replacement

Bovine IgG Land O Lakes Colostrum Replacer made from natural bovine colostrum and provides essential antibodies and immunoglobulins within a newborn calves first 6 hours of life.

Benefits of Bovine Colostrum:

  • provides 100 grams or more of IgG
  • assists in achieving successful passive transfer
  • can replace maternal colostrum
  • offers protection from the causes of intestinal and respiratory diseases

Dosing Instructions:

While using a whisk or electric mixer thoroughly mix power into hot water (water temperature should be hot to the touch)

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  • Brand: Land O Lakes
  • Type: Colostrum Replacer

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