Bottle Cleaning Brush, 14"

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Bottle Cleaning Brush, 14"

Lixit® Bottle Cleaning Brush keeps bottles clean and algae free. Read More

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Lixit® Bottle Cleaning Brush

Keeps bottles clean and algae free. Extra long handle helps reach deepest bottles. Also has a small brush inside handle, for cleaning tubes and caps.


  • Brand: Lixit
  • Form: Brush
  • Size: 14"L
  • Type: Cleaning

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  1. 2.0 out of 5 stars

    "A big disappointment"

    This brush was very disappointing. It doesn't have a lot of bristles at the very end. There is a 1" gap between the bristles there so that it scrapes the bottom of the bottles I am cleaning. That is where it needs to be extra bristly. I would much rather have a brush that had enough bristles so that I couldn't see the wire so clearly through them. It has too many gaps between the bristles. The wire handle on the brush is very flimsy. It bent when I was putting it into the bottles to clean them. It says it has a long flexible handle. It sure is, but it is a drawback. Why would you need it to be flexible? It is going straight down into a bottle. Spend $6.00 more and get the Nursing Bottle Brush. It is much better quality.

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