Blood Stop Powder, 16 oz

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Blood Stop Powder, 16 oz

Contains ammonium alum to stop bleeding of minor cuts or wounds and chloroxylenol as an antibacterial. Blood Stop Powder can be used on cattle, horses, sheep and swine. Read More

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Blood Stop Powder, 16 oz

To stop bleeding of minor cuts, wounds and dehorning. For cattle, horses, sheep and swine.

Contains ferrous sulfate and corn starch plus the new formulation contains 5% ammonium alum which is an astringent and styptic ingredient to help stop bleeding and 1% chloroxylenol which is an antibacterial.

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  • Brand: AgriLabs
  • Type: Blood Stopper

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Works but very MESSY!"

    Not good for a groomer for doing nails, it's TOO MESSY! It's BLACK and stains like mad. Great for a farm / horses / etc. Not good for the family pet. Go with the YELLOW stuff sold here also. Styptic Powder

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Neccessity for First Aid KIt"

    I had a dog get hit by a car years ago. I felt helpless trying to save him. I determined from that point on, I would have "battlefield triage" supplies on hand from then on. This product is a staple to my first aid emergency kit for our 150# Caucasian Ovcharka. You always work to prevent injuries, but when they occur, this product staunches the blood loss until medical aid can be obtained. It might not save the pet, but it sure gives them a better chance of survival.

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