Allay, 80-day Supply

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Allay, 80-day Supply

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An all-natural nutritional antacid for horses. Contains naturally occurring magnesium carbonate, plus yeast culture digestive aids & soothing licoric Read More

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Allay, 80-day Supply

Antacid buffer and calmer.

Gastric ulcers are extremely prevalent in confined horses. By nature, horses are designed to be grazing and chewing around 20 hours per day. In confinement situations, this is not possible, but acid is continually secreted in the stomach. Without adequate chewing to release alkaline saliva, the acid accumulates and erodes the stomach lining, which results in ulcers. Alley can help to reduce and buffer this acidity, which then can prevent or help soothe ulcers.

Allay Key Benefits:

  • contains magnesium and calcium
  • a natural calming supplement
  • licorice extract is soothing and palatable
  • base ingredient is hindgut prebiotic digestive aid
  • does not test positive at regulated shows and races

Feed 2 oz per day with the enclosed scoop.


  • Brand: Adeptus Nutrition
  • Type: Digestive Health

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