Albon Cattle Bolus, 15 g

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Albon Cattle Bolus, 15 g

Albon Boluses is a broad spectrum antibacterial bolus that is effective in the treatment of shipping fever, bacterial pneumonia, foot rot and diphtheria in cattle. 15 g, 50 count Read More

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Albon Boluses, 15g

Albon Bolus is effective in the treatment of shipping fever, bacterial pneumonia, foot root and diphtheria in cattle.

Albon Bolus Key Benefits:

  • long-acting sulfonamide bolus
  • low dosage provides rapid, sustained blood levels at higher levels
  • low toxicity
  • safe for lactating dairy cows

Albon Bolus Dosage and Administration Instructions:

Albon should be administered to cattle so the initial dose is equivalent to 25mg/lb of body weight and each subsequent daily does is equivalent to 12.5mg/lb of body weight. Treatment should not be continued beyond 5 days.


  • Discard milk for 60 hours after last treatment
  • Do not use in calves to be processed for veal
  • 7 day slaughter withdrawal
To view information and/or manufacturer label


  • Brand: Zoetis
  • Form: Bolus
  • Size: 50 ct
  • Withdrawal: 60 hour Milk/7 days Slaughter

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