Arabian "S" Hackamore Bit

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Arabian "S" Hackamore Bit

Arabian "S" Hackamore Bit has a 6" cheek, rope nose, slobber bar and stainless steel curb chain. Read More

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Arabian "S" Hackamore Bit

6" cheek, rope nose, slobber bar and stainless steel curb chain.

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  • Brand: Jeffers
  • Style: Hackamore
  • Cheek Length: 6"

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Great hack!"

    Exactly what I needed for my small horse! He is pony sized so the regular horse little s hacks are a little too big for him. Great price as always!

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I have a hackamore just like this one that someone gave me. It has worked on 3 out of 4 horses I commonly ride. On my quarter horse he treats it exactly the same as he does in a bit. There is no difference in my commands for using this compared to a bit, which surprised me. At first he tucked his head better in it, but now it's the same as the bit. I think he likes it better too, especially for cold weather. Then I tried it on my friend's quarter pony and it worked about the same. Then I tried it on another friend's paint horse who completely ignores the bit, refuses to stop, ect. The Hackamore made such a difference, he turned and stopped and did everything instantly. It was like riding a new horse. I figure he just hates the bit so much that he wanted to make a point of how much nicer the hackamore was. He seemed happier with it too. Unfortunately his leaser thinks the hackamore is harsher compared to her yanking all over the bit trying to get him to listen. Lastly when I tried this hackamore on my friend's quarter horse he was horrible. I could hardly stop him, he acted as if he had little to nothing on his face. I think he was purposely trying to run through it as much as possible. I would say if you're considering getting a hackamore in general, go try someone else's first to see if it works for your horse. If your looking for one that can stop a horse this one is probably one of the better ones. I tried a wide nose top leather one on my horse before and I felt like if he spooked he wouldn't stop easy. This one I have galloped and spooked him in and never lost control. One flaw that I would say comes from this one is that depending on its positioning, the noseband leaves a little indent on the horse's nose, even if you sat up there and did nothing the whole ride it still leaves an indent sometimes. the indent goes away after a little while (minutes), but its just from resting on the nose. I've never

  3. 4.0 out of 5 stars

    "Great hack!"

    Great little hack to use for many things.We like to use it for our seasoned horses when just trial riding, and have also had luck using it with the younger ones on trail and for fine tuning in the arena and for giving beginners lessons on our horses.If your horse is really stiff for bending this may not help that.

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