6" Braided Tremenda Stick


$2.39 to $59.99

$2.99 to $59.99

6" Braided Tremenda Stick

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Braided Tremenda Sticks are a natural dog chew made from three strands of 100% beef bladder that have been braided together. An ideal chew for picky eaters, senior dogs, puppies, and small breeds. 6" Read More

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Small Braided Tremenda, 6"

These chews are made out of beef bladder that has been tightly stretched and then braided together. The odor associated with Tremenda Sticks help make them more palatable to picky dogs.

CAUTION: There is a bit of odor with this chew.


  • Brand: The Natural Dog Company
  • Type: Chews
  • Size: 25 Count

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