Stone® #300 Tattoo Outfit

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Stone® #300 Tattoo Outfit

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#300 Tattoo Outfit uses digits 300 thousandths of an inch high. The ideal instrument for use with pets & small animals. Includes: pliers, set of digits (0-9) and 3 oz black ink. Read More

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Stone #300 Tattoo Outfit

Uses digits 300 thousandths of an inch high. The ideal instrument for use with pets & small animals.

Each Stone #300 Tattoo Outfit includes:

  • sturdy, aluminum alloy pliers
  • set of #300 digits (0-9)
  • 3 oz. black tattoo ink

Pliers hold up to 4 digits.


When ordering tattoo outfits, you will receive only the basic numbers 0 through 9. To produce tattoos with repeating digits such as 22, 222, etc., you will need to order extra digits.

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  • Brand: Stone Manufacturing
  • Type: Ink,Number Digits,Alphabet Digits
  • Accessories: Tattoo Equipment

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  1. 4.0 out of 5 stars

    "good buy"

    I have used this tattoo 'set' to tattoo both my ADGA goat kids and ARBA rabbits for over 15 years. I use 90% ethanol to disinfect (a 30 second soak then drain points down on a paper towel) with no rust. Unfortunately, 70% isopropanol most people buy is also 30% WATER which will certainly contribute to rusting especially if just left in it (where the alcohol evaporates and you are left with mostly water). The only time you should need to replace a digit is if one becomes dull through repeated use or 'fishhooks' the points from excessive force (means you are also going through the ears, tsk tsk)

  2. 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Spent more on this "set" because it's made in usa and name brand vs another set that actually was a set. This set does not come with letters. Pliers themselves are a solid piece. A little hard to get numbers in slots. Purchased separately were the letters. After tattooing I soaked little numbers in alcohol for 20 minutes to disinfect...they are now rusted. I will have to contact manufacture because I would like to use this again. I bought as in investment to use repeatedly not once and throw away because of rust (on digits that have a plastic back)

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