23" Black Large Prong Collar, 3.2 mm

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23" Black Large Prong Collar, 3.2 mm

The black stainless steel Herm Springer Prong Collar is superior to most on the market and very effective in dog owners controlling their large dogs. Made from high-quality German steel. Read More

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23" Herm Sprenger Collar, Black, 3.2mm

Superior to most on the market.

How to use:

Unfasten one of the prong links and place the collar around your dog's neck before refastening.


  • made of high-quality German steel
  • heavy duty links for strength and durability
  • tips are slightly beveled and polished to prevent injury to the dog

To adjust size, add or remove individual prong links.


  • Brand: Herm Sprenger
  • Type: Training
  • Form: Collar
  • Size: 3.2 mm (23")
  • Material: Black Finish Steel

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Great collar for manners and control "

    This collar changed my dog! (With a professional trainer as well). She would flip a switch from sweet to vicious with certain dogs and turns out, she needed to be marked for bad manners. With the correct commands and learning how to use it, my dog enjoys a loose leash walk and I can mark any bad behavior, which is in frequent. Some dogs she’s still not cool with, so when just walk away. She hasn’t attempted to go after one for no reason since consistent work with this. And, she’s black, so I like how it blends in with her fur. People who think these collars are abusive either A) never used one and are just judging, B) used it incorrectly without training, or C) got a knock off that wasn’t made safely. Do your research and be sure you know what you’re doing/get a professional trainer! These are safer for dogs that pull than normal collars that can damage their throats. Jefferspet is a great company and I got a good deal by adding a few other necessities to my cart! Thank you!

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