VFD - Veterinary Feed Directive - 2017

What is VFD?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has amended the new animal drug regulations to implement the veterinary feed directive (VFD) drugs section of the Animal Drug Availability Act of 1996 (ADAA). On June 3, 2015, the FDA published in the Federal Register the final rule revising the VFD regulations in 21 CFR Part 558. The final rule became effective on October 1, 2015. In September of 2015, FDA revised Guidance for Industry #120, Veterinary Feed Directive Regulation to reflect the VFD final rule. A VFD drug is intended for use in animal feeds, and such use of the VFD drug is permitted only under the professional supervision of a licensed veterinarian.
 - copied - www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/ucm071807.htm

  -- MORE INFO -- www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/DevelopmentApprovalProcess/ucm449019.htm


With a goal to help ensure safe food and sustainable use of antibiotics for animals and humans, the FDA published the revised VFD to promote the responsible use of antibiotics for food-producing animals. This regulation will require a VFD for all medically important antibiotics (those important in human health) administered in feed, and a veterinary prescription for all medically important antibiotics used in water.

These products have been available over the counter, but starting Jan. 1, 2017, will require a VFD (or Rx) from a licensed veterinarian.

A VFD is similar to a veterinary prescription for producers to obtain and use medically important antibiotics in feed in accordance with the FDA-approved directions for use. Across animal agriculture, there are many in-feed antibiotics that will be affected by this guidance. 


A VFD can only be issued from a licensed veterinarian, based on a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship before a producer may use feeds containing antibiotics that are medically important (including complete feeds, medicated supplements, and crumbles) to human health.
 - copied - https://www.zoetisus.com/responsible-antibiotic-use/vfd.aspx

Some of the products affected by VFD:

  • Di-Methox 12.5%
  • Neomycin Oral Solution
  • Sulmet
  • SpecLinx 50
  • LinxMed SP
  • NeoMed 325
  • PenAqua Sol-G
  • SMZ-Med 454
  • TetraMed 324
  • Gallimycin PFC
  • Tetra-Bac 324
  • LS-50
  • Aureomycin
  • Sav-A-Caf
  • Tylosin/Tylan
  • SulfaMed G
  • Scour-Ease
  • Di-Methox Soluble
Most soluble (powder) antibiotics and sulfa drugs, as well as crumbles, feeds,  and oral solutions will be affected. At this time, injectable antibiotics are unaffected and we still have several in stock. Jeffers does not carry prescription or vfd drugs. 

 - This information was as complete and accurate as possible at the time it was written. The landscape of veterinary medicine and VFD is in a state of flux and certain to continue to change. For the most accurate and up to date information, please check with your local veterinarian, co-op, or the FDA website (shown above).

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