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Maximize Horse Health: Premium Feeding & Watering Solutions

Keep your horses thriving with our comprehensive selection of feeding and watering supplies! We take pride in offering a meticulously curated range of top-quality products designed to meet your equine companions' essential needs. Featuring trusted brands in the industry, whether you require durable hay nets and bags, convenient feeders, or reliable waterers, we have everything necessary to provide your horses with the nutrition, hydration, and care they deserve.

Explore our collection, which includes products from renowned brands such as Weaver, Partrade, Fortiflex, Little Giant, Burlingham, Cashel, and more! Each brand brings its own expertise and innovation, guaranteeing access to top-quality horse feeding and watering supplies tailored to your equine companions' needs.

Crafted with your horses' well-being in mind, each product, such as the Fortiflex Corner Feeder and the Weaver Slow Feed Hay Bag, optimizes feeding routines for controlled consumption and minimal waste.

At Jeffers Equine, we understand the significance of proper nutrition and hydration for your horses' overall health and happiness. Trust us for reliable feeding and watering supplies from leading brands that enhance the well-being of your equine companions. Shop now and provide your horses with the care they deserve.