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Horse Anxiety & Calming Supplements

Unleash tranquility for your equine companion! Introducing Jeffers Pet's curated selection of Horse Anxiety & Calming Supplements – the key to a serene and stress-free ride. Why let anxiety rein when you can saddle up with peace of mind?

Why You Need This:
Envision a calmer, happier horse – the epitome of well-being. Our horse anxiety and calming supplements are crafted to ease tension, enhance focus, and foster a harmonious bond between you and your equine friend.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes Relaxation: Foster a serene environment for your horse.
  • Enhances Focus: Improve concentration during training or competitions.
  • Stress Reduction: Minimize anxiety during travel, competitions, or daily routines.
  • Supports Well-Being: Elevate your horse's overall health and happiness.

Experience Calm with Jeffers Pet's Solutions:

Mega-Calm: Soothe Nervousness

  • Immerse your horse in tranquility with Mega-Calm, our top-rated solution crafted for those prone to nervousness.

Via-Calm: Continuous Calmness for General Anxiety

  • Discover continuous calmness benefits with Via-Calm, a subscription-based solution tailored for horses experiencing general anxiety.

B-Kalm Paste: Confront Behavioral Stress

  • Confront behavioral stress head-on with B-Kalm Horse Calming Supplement Paste, ensuring a composed and stress-free experience.

Quietex II: Personalized Relief for Restlessness

  • Tackle restlessness effectively with Quietex II, providing a range of choices for a personalized calming approach customized to your horse's unique needs.

Explore More:

  • Formats: Pastes, pellets, gels - choose your preference.
  • Natural Options: Equiopathics and herbs for holistic peace.
  • Event-Ready: Show & training formulas for focused performance.

Q: How do I choose the right calming supplement?

A: Tailor the choice to your horse's preferences – explore gels, pastes, or daily packs for a stress-free experience.
Q: Are these supplements safe for all horses?

A: Absolutely! Our range caters to diverse needs, ensuring safety and efficacy for all equine companions.
Q: Can these supplements be used during competitions?

A: Yes, we offer event-specific solutions designed to keep your horse calm and focused during competitions.

Explore beyond anxiety solutions! Jeffers Pet offers an extensive range, including health, wellness, and farm & ranch supplies. Find what your equine friend truly deserves.