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CAUTION! The images and information contained herein may be disturbing . If you think treating fleas is simple and only needed in the summer, you may need to hold on to something. Read More...


One of the biggest misconceptions about flea treatment is that switching brands is the same as rotating. Rotation of active ingredient is key in getting ahead of a flea infestation. The sad truth is, the majority of the products on the market today share a very few common active ingredients...


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Depending on where you live, battling fleas (and all the problems they bring with them), never really ends.  Keep in mind that treating your pet is just one step in winning the flea war.  Treating your home and yard is absolutely essential. With the marketplace full of products that all claim to be the very best at controlling and killing fleas it’s important to use what works best for you, in your area...



Flea Week is a fun way to learn about a dreaded pest, how to protect your pets from the nasty little bloodsuckers, and save a little money! The first deal starts Monday, April 20th at 10 AM (CDT).


The three rings (of a flea circus) refer to how we effectively treat for fleas and the keys to prevention. It is important that when treating for (or for prevention of) fleas that we treat the pet, the home, and the yard. If you aren't treating all three, you might be wasting time and money. 
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