The Story of DooKashi



The Story of DooKashi™ - Because Poo Happens!

by Nancy DeMond

What is DooKashi™? 

DooKashi is an all-natural pet waste odor eliminator used as a bedding additive, extender and compost accelerator used in litter boxes, backyard poultry coops, small animal cages, dog runs,  horse trailers and stalls.  DooKashi is proudly "Made in the USA".

Who is DooKashi™?

Seeking a break from the corporate grind and a way to spend more time with their rapidly growing sons, Seattle-area neighbors Nancy DeMond and Kristin Adams began exploring entrepreneurial business ideas in the summer of 2011. 

After much research, owners Nancy and Kristin decided on the seemingly recession-proof pet industry and found a shared eureka problem: "Both dog owners, we were tired of most of our families’ pet responsibilities falling on our shoulders.  Everyday life told us that regardless of what kind of pet a family has, it usually ends up being the mom who deals with all the all the good, bad and ugly aspects of ownership. Tired of constantly nagging our kids to ‘’pick up the smelly poop!" only to end up doing it ourselves, we believed "there just had to be a solution" that didn’t involve a chemical spray.

"The idea of solving a problem everyone understands—getting rid of pet waste odor—became a serious challenge when we couldn’t find a true Eco-friendly product completely safe for pets (and humans) while walking pet sections of large box and smaller retail stores. At this point, we realized there is a need for a product in a market that "will never go away" plus, despite all of the technology in the world, "poo happens" and with it; odor!" 


  • 2013: the first retail store (Dooley’s Doghouse) carried DooKashi for Cats  
  • 2014: expanded DooKashi into Poultry, Small Animal, & Horse markets
  • 2015: bloggers like Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily & Community Chickens wrote about the effectiveness of DooKashi. Lisa Smith, a buyer for Jeffers, read their posts and reached out to us directly (we were thrilled!)
  • December 2015: Jeffers Pet began introducing DooKashi to their loyal customers


Like most small businesses of today – we started manufacturing and packaging in our garages in Kirkland, WA.   We outgrew our garages and moved into the first DooKashi manufacturing facility in May 2015.


Created as a solution to an everyday problem, DooKashi™ “A Natural Solution for Pet Poo-Lution” – began in a garage by two Mompreneurs!


Here’s how DooKashi™ is different from other odor eliminators:

  • DooKashi is the first non-food pet product to be Non-GMO Project Verified
  • it’s safe if ingested by pets (and humans!) thanks to the all-natural  ingredients & OMRI listed probiotic
  • has no handling precautions or warnings – it’s safe to use around children, your family & pets
  • it’s a dry product that won’t add more moisture to an already wet area

Top three most frequently asked questions:

1. Why is DooKashi Non-GMO Project Verified?

Because we believe pet owners have the right to be absolutely confident that any product used around their pets (and families) should truly be natural and not contain “precautionary handling” instructions.

2. Is DooKashi the same formulation for all pets?

Yes, DooKashi itself is the same product. What differs is the application size and directions. Plus, pet stores are set up into distinctive categories for individual pet types. Why? For example, a cat owner isn’t going to look for a cat product in a horse section.

3. Who inspired you to create DooKashi?

That’s easy – 

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