Itching and Scratching and Flakes, Oh My!



Anyone who has ever shared their life with a pet with skin issues knows the frustration of, not only fixing the problem, but trying to figure out just what is actually causing the “itchy” skin.

Allergies are a very common problem.  Our pets can be allergic to everything from foods to fleas to their environment.  Many dogs can benefit greatly from simply adding the right supplement to their diet.  Quality supplements such as the K-9 Show Stopper, Grizzly Salmon Oil or TheraCoat are loaded with essential fatty acids as well as other ingredients designed to help improve your dogs’ condition from the inside out.  

A common misconception among owners of “itchy” dogs is that more bathing will help the condition when often times, over-bathing simply makes it worse.  Dogs suffering from seborrhea dermatitis, non-specific dermatoses and bacteria will benefit from Davis Sulfur Benz Shampoo because it aids with shedding of skin cells which allows new skin to grow.  Jeffers Vanilla Walnut Conditioning Shampoo conditions the skin and coat and remoisturizes dry coats.  The vanilla extract acts as a desensitizer for allergy prone pets.  Use the Davis Oatmeal Leave-On Conditioner for immediate & long-lasting relief.  Contains 2% Colloidal Oatmeal which will help reduce redness & dryness and will continue to soothe long after the coat is dry.

Hot spots, flea allergy dermatitis, and pollen allergies are just a few “triggers” that can have your dogs licking, chewing & biting his skin.  Medicated Hot Spot Spray with Lidocaine will give topical relief at the site of the itching and will help reduce swelling associated with skin irritation.  Jeffers Itch Halt spray contains Clove Oil and Eucalyptus Oil which act as natural anesthetics which will help break the itching/scratching cycle, giving your dog much needed relief while not leaving a greasy or sticky coat.  Davis 4% Chlorhexidine Spray is a convenient & non-stinging spray that can be applied directly where it’s needed to help provide relief in localized areas.  All of these products can be used as needed, alone or with other products for additional relief.

If you prefer using an ointment I.S.P. Wonder Ointment is helpful for hot spots, fly and tick bites and cuts and scrapes.  It is a penetrating ointment of peppermint oil, cocoa butter, iodine & sulfur in a petrolatum base.  Hot spots & most skin disorders will respond to Pierce’s All-Purpose Nu-Stock, giving fast effective relief to your pet.  HomeoPet Healing Cream is a non-steroidal, anti-infective cream that can be used to promote rapid healing in wounds, cuts, bites & burns.  

Flea allergy dermatitis is very often the cause of tremendous discomfort for your pet.  For dogs that are highly allergic, one flea bite can cause a fairly severe reaction.  Prevention is the best cure because once an infestation starts it can be very difficult to get under control.  Capstar Oral Flea Treatment is a very effective “quick kill” that begins working within 30 minutes.  Using Capstar, then applying a topical flea treatment such as Advantage II or BioSpot will ensure that any fleas already on your pet will be killed while giving the topical treatment time to work into your pet’s skin.  


Renee Jones-Lewis is a certified professional dog trainer, having received instruction from canine behaviorist Dr. Pamela Reid, plus nationally acclaimed trainers: Patricia McConnell, Pia Silvani, and Jean Donaldson, to name a few.  She serves as a Pet Marketing and Canine Specialist for JeffersPet and

Questions about this article, training in general or non-emergent health concerns are welcome. Renee can be reached most days from 9am – 5pm Central Time (Mon-Fri) at 1-800-JEFFERS (533-3377) ext 381 or by email

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