Grooming Tips from the Experts - Summer Scratching



"Hello again pet groomers and pet owners. We have gotten past spring in most parts of the country and are now in the “dog days” of summer. It’s great to look forward to some warmer weather, but the warmer climate can produce skin problems for your pet. I recommend the Kenic Neem/Oatmeal Shampoo for relief from itching, biting, and scratching that is associated with flea and tick infestations. Oatmeal is added to the pure neem oil to desensitize inflamed skin & aid in relieving itching. I also recommend the Kenic Neem/Oatmeal Spray which can be used in between baths for extra relief. For common doggie odors and odors from organic sources including skunk spray, I use Kenic Supra Odor Control Shampoo. This is a true odor remover, not merely a cover up. In my grooming shop I get many skunk sprayed dogs this time of year. This is my product of choice. It Works!"

Wanda Dewberry - Certified Master Groomer

Remember all Kenic products are natural and Kenic shampoos are safe to use with flea & tick sprays and spot-ons.

Wanda Dewberry is the owner of the Gulf Coast Pet Grooming Rodeo and Whispering Pines Doggy Dude Ranch, Gulfport, MS and has over 35 years grooming experience.

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