Horse Interview



Today I filled out a questionnaire for an interview tomorrow.  Loved some of the questions! Everything from questions about best advice for someone getting into horses to who I admire the most in the horse world. My favorite horse person is Stacy Westfall.  We share a lot of the same core values like "Love People (and animals) not Stuff".  She is also the most amazing horse person I have ever seen.  The relationship she builds with her horses is nothing short of amazing.  I love Stacy as a friend and always laugh and enjoy the few moments we have gotten to chat, but I was totally blown away watching her at The World Equestrian Games Reining bridleless and bareback.  I don't think I will ever forget that.

Looking forward to the interview tomorrow.  Have a wonderful day!  The weather has finally dropped below 70 degrees in the mornings and it feels like fall!

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