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It's summer.  Your horse is in the pasture.  He looks like he is dancing.  You ask yourself, "why is my horse dancing".  There is a strange rhythm of shake, stomp, flinch, swish the tail, stomp/flinch, shake, swish. It isn't exactly graceful... more like country line dancing to a techno beat. You decide to take action. You must go out and either join him or teach him better moves.

As you near him, you can read the stress on his face and realize, this is no dance. Cancel the press conference. Your horse is being terrorized by flies. Of course, you saw that coming. I just wanted to have some fun. :)

This week, we have been talking about ways to combat those pesky devils and today, we want to focus on the legs. Not the fly's legs, your horse's legs. If your horse is stomping and pawing to shoo away flies, it's a possibility that he or she could do some damage, to a shoe or their hoof, never mind the painful bites and danger of disease.

What can you do?

No doubt you've tried all the sprays, wipes, drops, sheets and masks out there and found some combination that works for you... mostly. But if he's still "dancing", you need more. What else is there, you ask... What every dancer needs... Leggins! 

Shoo Fly Leggins are a high quality American made textilene mesh fly legging that protects legs from insect bites and abrasions. Textilene is tough, weather-resistant, and durable and is used for many outdoor products. It is also breathable, which is good for your Fred or Ginger in the summer heat.

ShooFly Leggins also:

  • help prevent split or damaged hooves from stomping
  • easily go on with Velcro closures
  • have sewn in plastic stays
  • cause no restricted motion
  • have a felt bottom for a comfortable fit
  • keep bots from laying eggs

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