KILLITCH Before and After Testimonial



The poor horse in these pictures (below) was covered with Sweet Itch and had a very extreme case.  Thankfully his owner was encouraged to try our Killitch product.  
"After" pics (3-5) are 6 weeks later but the healing process begins as soon as KillItch is applied as it kills the midges (no-see-ums) before they bite.

Killitch is FDA approved for over the counter sales and is an AVM-GSL licensed product in UK that's medically proven to prevent, soothe and treat Sweet Itch in horses and ponies.

Here's what the thankful owner had to say...

 "I would like to thank Carr & Day & Martin for providing a product that finally helped my senior horse get relief from repeated chronic sweet itch.
I have battled it every year and tried everything on the market. This past year the sweet itch was so severe he developed a secondary infection which
required veterinary care. The sweet itch was later treated with Carr & Day & Martin"s Kill Itch and he has been sweet itch free for the past 10 months.
I use it on his main and the base of his tail or anywhere he gets itchy (except for his sheath area ) it really is the only product which actually
helped keep him from having a bout with sweet itch. I highly recommend it.
Thank you, and my horse thanks you too!"  
Patricia D.
Wellington, Florida USA

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