Horseware Goes Rambo on Flies



With summer just around the corner, we are excited for the sun, warm temperatures, and longer days. But, we all know what summer also means: flies and pests. And lots of them.

In the never ending battle in the fight of horse versus pesky bugs, Horseware has a sheet and a new, redesigned face mask that combats this issue, so your horse is protected head to hoof from flies, UV rays and the summer elements.

An excellent value rug with dual effectiveness to combat flies is our Amigo Bug Buster No Fly Zone®. With a fun new purple trim this season, this durable fly rug is made from a strong knitted polyester; and treated with our No Fly Zone® technology, giving your horse complete protection in the battle against pesky flies. This rug is soft against your horse’s skin, and also has sun reflecting properties. The Amigo Bug Buster is designed with a supersized tail flap, three straight belly straps, leg arches and our classic front closure. Shoulder and mane lining and removable neck cover come as standard. It is also compatible with our waterproof liner, and our Amigo Fly Mask and Amigo Fly Boots complete your horse’s wardrobe for this summer in the fight against flies.

The Rambo Plus Fly Mask is one of a kind. Its new look is designed with protection of your horse’s eyes in mind. Most eye masks will rub around a horse’s sensitive eye area. The Rambo Plus Fly Mask is a more comfortable, durable option. It has a detachable nose cover to help protect your horse from harmful UV rays. This is especially useful for horses that are light colored and more prone to sunburn. This mask also helps to protect sensitive ears from flies and sun.

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