Horse Blankets & Sheets: What You Need to Know



What You Need to Know When Blanketing A Horse:

Including how to measure for a proper fit.


The type of thread the blanket shell is made of. The higher the number (i.e. 1680 Denier) the heavier the thread, the higher density of the weave. The higher the density - the greater the durability and strength of the fabric for outdoor use.


A membrane is bonded to the inside of the shell allowing it to breathe and, at the same time, reject water penetration. Washing in soap and water will damage the waterproof properties of the membrane. If the outside of the blanket is a NYLON it is not waterproof. Only the Denier blankets ARE waterproof.


Most horses can do very well in mid-weight blankets because their hair is its own form of insulation and can keep most horses warm and toasty. For areas that have below 0 degree temperatures like Minnesota and New York, Maine and Michigan, the heavy-weight blankets will be far more comfortable for the horse. The higher the 'FILL', the warmer/heavier the blanket. Different manufacturers have different standards but the following is a guideline for most.

  • Sheet - NO fill (0 grams)
  • Lightweight - up to 180 grams of fill
  • Midweight (or Medium) has about 200 - 280 grams of fill
  • Heavyweight has about 300 - 400 grams of fill


All JeffersEquine Exclusive blankets (Solaris, Expression, Romper Stomper)  - Measure with a soft measuring tape from the center of the chest, around the point of the shoulder, back along the widest part of their flank and end just at the edge of the tail.

To measure for a European cut of blanket, like WeatherBeeta or Horseware, measure the same way and subtract 2". If between sizes, round to the nearest blanket size. (ex. Your horse is a 76 and the blanket sizes are 75 and 78, pick a 75.)


Designed to be used inside the barn where protected. Not usually waterproof.


Designed to be used outside rain or shine, rough and tumble behavior.

Blanket & Sheet Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your blanket or sheet selection, you may return the unused product for exchange or refund. The item should be in new condition with tags and packing. (HINT: Use a bed sheet on your horse when trying on blankets to protect from dirt and hair.)

A 20% restocking fee applies to blankets or sheets showing dirt, hair or wear marks. Shipping/Service and Freight charges are non-refundable!

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