Fighting Flies With Farnam



Why Fight Flies?

Fly control keeps your horse comfortable. But that’s not the only reason to minimize flies. Flies and other biting insects pose a major health risk to your horse and you. Flies carry a number of dangerous diseases that become more of a problem as fly populations increase. Flies live, feed and breed in filth, where germs, bacteria and communicable diseases thrive. Good hygiene is critical to keeping flies and other problems under control.

Start with a Strategy

Start your fly control program early to keep fly populations down all season. It’s easier and more economical to prevent a heavy build-up than to fight it. Effective fly control means eliminating flies on all fronts, at all stages in the fly life cycle. Eliminating immature flies reduces the number of biting, breeding adult flies you have to deal with. No single fly product will solve your fly control problem. You need an overall plan to get rid of flies where they live, feed, and breed.

For maximum effectiveness, attack flies on all fronts:

  • On your horse
  • In the barn &
  • Around outdoor areas

On Your Horse

Create a protective barrier between your horse and flying pests. The Farnam lineup provides the widest selection of proven, effective sprays, spot-ons, lotions, roll-ons, ointments and masks.

Ointments, lotions and roll-ons are formulated for use around sensitive areas and hard-to-reach areas to repel flies.

Need to provide effective protection plus stretch your budget? Concentrates are made just for you. Just add water to Repel-XP Concentrate or Flysect Super-C Repellent concentrate to create quarts of ready-to-use spray.

Farnam offers a wide selection of hard-working, effective fly sprays to provide a variety of fly control solutions to meet your every fly control need.

Pastured horses need longer-lasting fly protection when you can’t spray them every day. Consider using a fly spray or a topical product with residual control to keep them comfortable for days.

  •  Equi-Spot Spot-On Fly Control can be applied once every 2 weeks and provides protection from flies, gnats, mosquitoes and ticks.
  •  Fly masks, such as the Supermask, are another very effective way to keep flies off your horse’s face and eyes.

Indoor & Outdoor Areas

Proper fly control in the barn eliminates immature and adult flies. Because flies breed in manure and other moist, decaying organic matter, keep your barn as clean as possible. Eliminate fly breeding in outdoor areas by keeping areas clean and free of manure and trash.

Products to use to control flies in the barn include:

Products for outdoor fly control include:

This week has been about the lowly fly and his pesky friends.  Every day a new blog post from someone giving advice on how to best combat flies. Mostly, each one has focused on a brand and this was really no different in some ways, but the basic outline, the bare bones skeletal framework could be applied to any brand, or multiple brands. We mentioned a lot of Farnam products because this information came from Farnam. Find what works for you and apply these principles and your horse will thank you.
See some of the products mentioned in the blog below.

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