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Top 10 Natural Fly Products

Bees buzzing from flower to flower collecting honey on a sunny day. A group of flies buzzing around a dead animal on the side of the road. These two images may be on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to aesthetic beauty and visual appeal, but what they do have in common, is that they are both vital parts of our ecosystem. Those hardworking bees pollinate flowers and provide us honey, while the flies decompose dead carcass and control the population of other unwanted pests. As humans, we don’t appreciate when they bother us, but we should appreciate the benefits of having them in our environment. Therefore, when choosing your method of fly control this summer, consider the part they play in the food chain, and that simply repelling, rather than killing them, may be all you need to find relief. I’ve tried many natural fly products over the years, and here are my top 10 favorite for natural fly control.

11) Flicks Essential Oil Spray: This natural fly spray for horses is biodegradable and contains some of my favorite essential oils. The aroma of these oils are offensive to fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and flies, deterring them naturally. Some of these oils are peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and cedarwood, giving this natural spray a pleasant scent. It is formulated with lanolin, which conditions the coat and helps existing skin conditions. This is a highly concentrated formula and will make up to 32 oz of spray, simply fill the spray bottle with water. There is a 16 oz concentrate available to make up to a gallon of fly spray, ideal for use with multiple horses.



2) Espree: This fly spray is ready-to-use, natural, safe and effective. What I love about this fly spray is the aloe herbal scent and the sunscreen which protects and conditions the coat. The sweat-resistant formula repels flies, gnats, and other flying insects while the blend of cedar, eucalyptus and citronella oils provide effective protection.




33) BugPellent: Available in both a gel and fly spray, the water-based formula is alcohol and solvent free, containing no pyrethrins, pyrethrums, pyrethroids, or industrial pesticides. Cedar, rosemary, clove, citronella, peppermint, and cinnamon are some of the essential oils used, no wonder it smells so good! This spray does an incredible job at keeping the flies away, just be sure the shake the bottle really well before you use it.



44) No Natz: The great thing about this fly spray is that it not only repels flies but it heals existing bites. It contains oils such as rosemary, lemongrass, coconut, and lavender to repel gnats, no-seeums, mosquitoes, biting flies and red bugs. A trial by a large number of Jeffers employees came back with 100% approval. Knowing that this spray is DEET free, I feel confident using this natural spray on my horse.




55) Clac: Also known as Deo-Lotion or “the world’s most effective natural fly repellent,” this concentrated formula contains citronella and cedar oils to protect against flies, horse flies and gnats. Though the bottle is bright orange and doesn’t look like your typical natural product, I assure you it does provide effective all-natural protection for your horse while riding or turned out. Dilute the concentration for the most economical use (1 L of concentrate will make 7 L) or use the full strength for maximum protection.


66) Fly Armor: These scented inserts easily attach with Velcro to your horse’s halter or bridle or straight into your fly armor gear. These natural strips come in packets of two, and contain a unique blend of essential oils to repel flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Eco-friendly with no toxic, harmful chemicals, these citronella scented inserts last approximately four weeks. They are veterinarian recommended, field tested, and a perfect all-natural fly solution.


77) Defy the Fly: An easy and effective fly prevention solution, this fly collar contains no harmful chemicals and simply snaps securely around your horse’s neck. It keeps flies from swarming around your horse’s head and will last up to two months.


88) Jeffers Get-A-Way: This effective powder feed additive greatly reduces the need for spray-on products. It is a natural and gentle alternative for horses sensitive to fly sprays. Get-A-Way contains garlic and thiamine, known for centuries as a powerful way to keep pests like flies and mosquitoes away. The chemical-free powder may take up to two weeks to reach its full effectiveness, but once it does, it’s worth it.


99) Garli-Eze: Easy on the stomach, and easy to apply, sprinkle this powder straight onto the feed, and see results in about a week. I love this powder, because not only does it repel flies, mosquitoes and gnats, but it helps with existing bites and supports immune health and cardiovascular health. It also may reduce the need for regular worming procedures, all without artificial chemicals, preservatives and additives. Give your horse some natural relief from flies, and potentially vampires, with this safe and natural feed.


1010) Garlic Powder: Garlic has been used for centuries for its health and protective properties. This garlic powder alleviates the discomfort associated with internal and external parasites and is effective in deterring pests. It’s all-natural and makes fly control easy and delicious, simply feed 1 scoop to a 1,000 lb horse every day. It is 100% high sulfur garlic and 100% naturally effective against flies, gnats, and mosquitoes.


For more solutions, see Jeffers Equine’s extensive selection of Natural Horse Fly and Insect Control products.

If I can ever help with any of the fly control questions, or if you would like to see us carry a product that we are not currently carrying, please feel free to email me at kcahill@jefferspet. com or call Jeffers 1-800-533-3377 and ask for Kim.