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Top 10 Gifts for Horses in 2020

Top 10 Gifts for Horses in 2020

Are you looking for a gift for your horse this holiday season to say thank you for being the best bud around? We’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Gifts for Horses in 2020 that’ll be sure to make them “neigh” in delight! From saddle pads to boredom busters and treats, these gifts for horses will have them frockling with happiness this Christmas!

1) Most Interactive Toy on the Market

Kong Equine Hanging Set with Treat RingLooking for a gift for your horse that will keep them entertained for hours? The Kong Hanging Set comes with a treat ring that can be used for carrots or treats, and the bottom has an opening that can be filled with hay to keep them stimulated and engaged. Made with the classic KONG design, this toy comes with hardware for hanging, or place it on the ground for a variety of fun options!

Why We Love It: Built to last, this toy is the best boredom buster that all horses love!


2) Best-Selling Horse Treat Purina Nicker Makers Horse Treats

Reward your horse this Christmas with the gift of a crunchy and tasty treat! Purina Nicker Makers Horse Treats have a hint of molasses, so your horse is sure to love this nutritional, yummy gift! These treats are great gifts for horses because they are easy to chew, come in fun shapes, and smell amazing. Plus, they are the perfect size for snacking or rewards.

Why We Love It: Horses can’t get enough of these nutritional and delicious, best-selling treats!


3) Make Riding a Cinch

Black Contoured VenTECH Cinch with VenTECH LinerThis cinch is perfect for the western rider looking for the ultimate mix of freedom of movement without sacrificing your horse’s comfort. The Contoured VenTECH Cinch with VenTECH Liner prevents slipping and allows for airflow to keep your horse cool and content. It’s high-quality, heavy duty, and has a ventilated outer shell for maximum breathability.

Why We Love It: It’s the best and most comfortable western cinch on the market!


4) Saddle Up With a Premium Saddle PadCream and Brown Pressed Wool Contoured Pad

Planning to ride this holiday season? The Blue Horse 100% Pressed Wool Contoured Pad provides your horse with comfort and relieves pressure points to ensure a comfortable ride. Made with the highest quality wool on the market, this pad is sure to keep your best friend relieved from pressure points.

Why We Love It: This premium saddle pad will stay in place and keep your horse protected!


5) Give Your Horse a Cush Ride

Black Lami Cell Airflow Shaped Half PadSearching for an english half pad for your horse that doesn’t break the bank? The Lami-Cell Airflow Shaped Saddle Pad is made with gel foam that contours to their body to provide them with pressure relief and comfort. Plus, the pad is lightweight, shock absorbing, and it will stay in place no matter if you are trail riding or jumping.

Why We Love It: This best-selling half pad will keep your horse comfortable at a great price!


6) Cookies for Santa’s Favorite Helper Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horses

Santa isn’t the only one getting cookies for Christmas this year! Your horse will be delighted with these tasty, crunchy cookie treats! Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies are delicious and made by horse lovers for horses. Plus, these treats are dehydrated, not baked, so you can keep them in your pocket without worrying about them crumbling.

Why We Love It: It’s the perfect snack for your horse, and it’s the #1 horse treat in America!


7) Gotta Love a Great Girth

Black Professionals Choice Contoured Jump Girth This girth is the perfect gift for the horse that gives to you all year long! The Professional’s Choice Contoured Jump Girth reduces pressure points while allowing freedom of movement in your horse’s shoulder. This contoured girth features all the bells and whistles to perform for your horse while remaining easy to clean.

Why We Love It: It’s one of the most comfortable english girths on the market!


8) Play Time and Snack TimeRed Burlingham Hay Ball Feeder

This gift is sure to delight your horse while also providing them with their daily forage intake. The Burlingham Hay Ball Feeder encourages a natural grazing position while being fun and exciting. Perfect for in the stable or turned out in the pasture, this ball feeder is a great boredom buster!

Why We Love It: This interactive toy provides all the benefits of a slow feeder while providing hours of entertainment!


9) Give Your Horse the Best Scratching Spot

The Equine Scratcher Does your horse love to get their scratches in? The Equine Scratcher is versatile, and it’s easy to wrap around a pole, use in a stall, or anywhere they love to scratch to provide them with an option that will not pull their hair or cause potential injuries. This gift will bring a new meaning to “I love this post”, and wherever you put it will be your horse’s new favorite go to scratching spot.

Why We Love It: These scratchers are durable and stack to cover as much space as you want!


10) Keep Your Horse Camera ReadyWeaver 8-piece Grooming Kit in Insignia Design

Pamper your horse this Christmas with the Weaver Horse Grooming Kit. From combs to sweat scrapers, this 8-piece kit has everything you need to give them a well-deserved spa day. Plus, this kit includes a custom-designed matching tote to keep your grooming tools organized!

Why We Love it: This high-quality, matching kit has everything you need to get your horse camera ready on Christmas!

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