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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Pet Sitter

Finding the Perfect Pet Sitter
The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Pet Sitter

As a pet parent, you don’t want to leave your fur baby with anyone less than the best. Going on a business trip or vacation is much more relaxing when you know your pet is in good hands. Choosing the right sitter isn’t always easy, and we know you want to be thorough. That’s why we’ve done the research for you. Keep reading our article for the ultimate guide to finding the perfect pet sitter to learn everything you need to know.

Talk to Your Vet

Your veterinarian is an incredible resource for tons of information. You may not have thought to ask about a pet sitter, but many vet offices will have connections with potential sitters. Sometimes vet techs have side hustles caring for dogs and cats. They also have plenty of experience dealing with animals.

Ask Your Friends

Many times, your friends can tell you who the best pet sitters are in your area. Chances are good that they’ve either found someone amazing or heard of someone fantastic you might like. Your friends know what you expect, so they’re good at pointing you in the right direction.

Check the Apps

There are mobile apps like Rover that offer pet-sitting services along with options like walking and boarding. You can check rates and then connect with a few people to see who you like best. If you decide on walking services, always provide a leash your dog recognizes so your canine friend feels comfortable. A Mod Essential Rope Leash gives your new pet sitter a flair of functional fashion when walking your pup.

Schedule an Interview

Any pet sitter worth having will agree to an interview before taking care of your furry family member. You want to make sure you and your animals feel good about your decision. The savvy sitters bring the best treats, too, like Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Dog Treats. Most pet sitters are happy to come and meet you before offering to sit with your animals. If not, you may want to move on to someone else.

Observe Your Pet’s Interactions

When you meet a potential pet sitter, watch how your animal reacts. Does your pet seem to like the sitter? Do you like how comfortable the person appears to be with your pet? If you have a dog, a good test is to ask the person to take your pup on a short walk while you follow behind. That gives you the opportunity to see if your dog likes the sitter and if the sitter is good with your dog’s temperament. If your pup seems to love a candidate, that’s a good sign you found your new pet sitter.

Follow Your Instincts

As a pet parent, it’s your job to keep your dog or cat safe. Finding the best pet sitter will help eliminate anxiety and worry while away from home. Be sure your new pet sitter has all the emergency phone numbers and information about your fur baby. You want the best for your pets, and that means finding a sitter who loves them almost as much as you!