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Discover 5 Soothing Solutions to Relax Your Nervous Horse

Horses are sensitive animals by nature; however, they are also innately alert and look for potential predators in their environments. If you have a nervous horse, you may notice weight loss, excessive chewing, pacing, and getting spooked easily. Anxiety in horses can be caused by several issues and many owners deal with the struggles of comforting them. Keep reading this article to learn more about effective, natural remedies to relax your nervous horse.

1.   Soothing Supplements

Sometimes the kinds of supplements that work to calm humans also help calm horses. There are natural equine vitamins and minerals, like those in MEGA-CALM that can make a tremendous difference in how your horse feels and reacts to outside factors. Ingredients like magnesium, tryptophan, and B vitamins work synergistically to help relieve anxiety.

2.   Essential Oils

You may not have given much thought to using essential oils for horses, but they can help decrease anxiety in animals and humans. Lavender is good for calming and reducing stress. Add a few drops to your hands and let your horse smell it. The pleasant aroma often takes the edge off routine anxiety. A horse’s sense of smell is much more sensitive than a human’s.

3.   Massage Therapy

Have you ever had a massage and felt entirely relaxed afterward? An excellent way to relieve your horse’s stress and anxiety is through massage. Anxious equines typically have tight necks, much like we do when we are stressed. Massage helps reduce tension and eases them into a more relaxed state. It also helps them bond with you because the horses realize you’re helping them.

4.   Smaller Meals

Feeding your horse small meals more frequently throughout the day may help with anxiety. That will keep an adequate supply of nutrients in your animal’s system and may help settle a nervous stomach. Add some Calm & Cool Pellets to the feed for additional tranquility. The valerian extract and other calming ingredients will ease that anxiety and promote a serene environment.

5.   Promote Relaxation

Like other animals, horses can sense your emotions. If you are stressed and feeling tons of anxiety, your horse will become sensitive to that. One of the best ways to keep a horse calm is to remain relaxed. If you feel tense, try a few breathing exercises or a quick round of meditation before interacting with the horse. A low-stress environment is crucial for any animal. If your horse is in a stressful setting, that won’t bode well for relaxation. You can also add soothing sounds, like soft music, or use a low voice when talking. If you are talking nonstop, it can create more tension for the horse, so be careful with the chatter!

Talk With Your Vet

If you have an anxious horse, talk to your vet for other recommendations. A trusted veterinarian can help you pinpoint the root cause of anxiety and develop some strategies to deal with and treat it successfully. You may need to try different methods until you find one that works. The relaxation techniques in this article will help you have a calmer, less anxious equine naturally.