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Biotin 800 ZA Plus


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Biotin 800 ZA Plus

Biotin 800 ZA Plus is an extra-strength pelleted hoof builder that is fortified with zinc, arginine, turmeric, methionine, and copper. Formulated using the added ingredients L-arginine, turmeric, and glutamine that are all designed to improve blood flow and circulation to the hoof. Also, reduces the onset of fatigue and may reduce lactic acid production.

Each 2 oz daily dose provides 60 mg of biotin, 9200 mg of L-arginine, 7800 mg of turmeric, 9200 mg of glutamine, 300 mg of zinc, 75 mg of copper, 3190 mg of di-methionine and added ingredients. Made in a very palatable alfalfa-based pellet with molasses flavoring.


  • supports the production of nitric oxide to improve circulation
  • turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties
  • glutamine to boost the immune system
  • maintains consistent high-quality hoof growth
  • helps prevent poor, weak, dry, and cracked hooves
  • beneficial for horses of all ages and classes
  • promotes a healthier hair coat

Conditions associated with low nitric oxide:

  • poor hoof health
  • navicular syndrome
  • joint disfunction
  • laminitis
  • performance & stamina issues
  • exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH)
  • metabolic-related concerns
  • inflammation

Guaranteed Analysis per 2 oz Daily Dose:

L-Arginine – 9,200 mg
Turmeric – 7,890 mg
Glutamine – 921 mg
Zinc – 300 mg
Copper – 75 mg
Methionine – 3,190 mg
Biotin – 60 mg

80 doses per container.

Nitrix oxide is a gas produced within the horse's body that impacts circulation, vascular health and lameness, and is crucial in enhancing blood vessel circulation in the hoof. In horses, L-arginine supplementation may enhance overall exercise performance, recovery, assist in improving cardiac function and blood flow and potentially reduce the impact of lactic acid. With its ability to enhance circulation and to support the immune system, supplementation may also be beneficial in repair. In enhancing circulation, L-arginine can improve the delivery of nutrients for healing purposes. L-arginine may also prove valuable in the management of laminitis due to improved blood flow and vasodilation to the hoof region.

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