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AiM-A Insecticide Gel Caps


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AiM-A Insecticide Gel Caps

AiM-A Insecticide Gel Caps contain 10 mL of abamectin, an EPA approved systemic insecticide for control of horn flies on beef cattle & non-lactating dairy cattle. AiM-A may be used in a rotation with AiM-L Vetcaps for all horn flies and lice.

AiM-A VetCaps are softgel capsules containing liquid parasiticide for horn fly and lice control in cattle over 600 lbs. VetCaps are fired from a VetGun (sold separately) at a range of 15' - 30' away. Capsules burst upon contact with the animal to deliver insecticide in a similar way to pour-on products. Simply aim, shoot, and treat.

The tell-tale fluorescent green spot created by the capsule shell will tell a producer the product is on the animal’s hide. Each VetCap contains 10 mL of Abamectin (Avermectin B1a and Avermectin B1b). Apply one VetCap per animal. When tested, VetCaps provided effective horn fly control for 4 weeks.

The VetGun System is an efficient way to treat animals, as one person could dose at least 100 head in a fraction of the time it would require with other methods. There is no need to handle the cattle to treat them or use a chute or other special handling facilities, which reduces the chance of injuries to the cattle and the ranchers. 

Minimize the added stress to the cattle and calves by keeping them comfortable in the field and treating from a distance. Delivery of the Insecticide is made easy utilizing the revolutionary new VetGun, which delivers the worlds first EPA approved insecticide VetCap containing the proven Lambda Cyhalothrin pour on.

AiM-A Insecticide VetCaps Key Benefits:

  • makes administration of fly and lice control easy
  • orange shell is left on animal to keep track of what animal has been treated
  • provides effective horn fly control for 4 weeks
  • no need to handle the cattle
  • no need for a chute or special handling facility

Read the label before use.

Simple dosing:
1 capsule for cattle greater than 600 pounds.

Note: It is important to be sure all products are stored and transported in such a way to avoid exposure to temperatures that are outside label storage directions. Please follow label directions to ensure the optimal level of performance from the product. Order VetCaps early enough to avoid any shipping delays due to colder weather in the late fall and winter months.

Click here to view storage and handling information.

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