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Xenodine® Polyhydroxydine™ Solution

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Xenodine® Polyhydroxydine™ Solution

Non-Irritating, non-staining antiseptic to aid in wound healing and the prevention of topical, bacterial, and fungal infections in wounds, cuts, abrasions, ears, hooves, udders, declaws, ear cropping, navel dipping, tail docking, castrations and surgical site preparations. 3rd generation iodine solution that is 3 times as active as povidone iodine with low dermal toxicity. Penetrates into the application site to continue fighting infection, so frequent application is unnecessary. Will not stain skin or clothes.
  • Third generation iodine solution
  • Aids in wound healing and prevention of topical bacterial and fungal infections
  • For use on horses, dogs and farm animals
  • Three times as active as povidone iodine and tincture of iodine
  • Broader range of activity against bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Does not sting upon application.
  • Low dermal toxicity - does not irritate skin and eyes.
  • Slight discoloration of skin or hair disappears within 5 minutes
  • Unlike other iodines which simply lay on the surface, Xenodine actually penetrates the skin
  • Adheres longer - frequent reapplication is unnecessary
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VX-X2 Xenodine® Polyhydroxydine™ Solution, 8 oz. squeeze Each $25.49
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VX-X3 Xenodine® Polyhydroxydine™ Solution, 12 oz. spray Each $32.69
Available Date 5/2/2014
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Restricted States: AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NT, NS, NU, ON, PE, QC, SK, YT, CN, GU, PR

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 - Saturday, August 04, 2012
Reviewed By:  Heraldicone (Dallas, Texas) 
Xenodine has been used by our family for many years. It is the fastest way to heal a cut or scrape or clean an abraded area on our dog. It also cleared up a skin infection over night! I carry a bottle wherever I go.
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