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X-50A Electric Dehorner

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X-50A Electric Dehorner


Automatic heat control maintains heat at 1,000° for fast, easy use. No blood loss or open wound. Perforated housing keeps handle cool. 110 volt AC with 3 wire grounded cord.
Approximately 216 watts.

X-50A comes standard with 3/4" (inner diameter) tip. Other sizes sold separately below.

Not recommended for small calves unless you use the smaller adapter tip (1/2") sold separately.

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
R5-A1 1/4" Adapter Tip for the X-50A Each $14.95
In Stock
R5-A2 3/8" Adapter Tip for X-50A Each $14.95
In Stock
R5-D4 1/2" Adapter Tip for the X-50A Each $14.95
In Stock
R5-A3 Adapter Tip (Buck Tip) Each $14.95
Available Date 5/6/2014
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R5-D3 X-50A Electric Dehorner
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Each $86.95
In Stock

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 - Tuesday, November 12, 2013
None better
Reviewed By:  Steve of Hickory Hill Farm (Hope, IN) 
I have used it for 10 years on countless goats and dairy calves, it stays hot and effectively dehorns. I have lent it to several neighbors and thankfully its always been returned. Don't buy a smaller / cheaper dehorner, get this one.

 - Wednesday, September 04, 2013
GREAT product!
Reviewed By:  S. Holbrook (Florence, AZ) 
This is a great product to use for dehoring goats. I have used another dehorner and it never worked as well as the X50. This item is also ver versitile for different sized animals with the different attachments you can purchase. It is great to have a product that gets super hot, stays hot and you can complete the dehorning process on multiple goats with ease and no frustration on waiting for the X50 to reheat for 30 minutes inbetween each horn. I highly recommend this product!

 - Friday, April 12, 2013
Best one I've ever used
Reviewed By:  Lacie (Penn Valley, California) 
I have used this one for over 20 years on goats and calves, it works wonderfully. I have had the same one for over 20 years and the heating element is just now going, but it still works and gets the job done after 20+ years! I will be buying again!
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