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Wrm Clear

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Wrm Clear

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All-natural, non-chemical wormers have been in use for thousands of years without any toxic effects.

EquioPathics Wrm Clear can be used to prevent or treat hook, round or tapeworm in foals and horses of all ages with no food withdrawal and no known side effects.

2 mL, two times daily for 10 days directly into mouth or on daily feed or in drinking water. Reduce dosage as condition improves. Eliminate dose after improvement is maintained for 3 days. Repeat if condition reappears. No known side effects.

Now approved for goats, too.

This product is formulated to stimulate immunity from worms, provide recovery from toxic worming effects and to aid in the shedding of worms that cannot live outside the host. It uses no chemicals and is non-toxic.

Covers: Ascarids (Roundworms), Bots, Flukeworm, Pinworm, Strongyles (large and small), Tapeworms and Threadworms.

Dosage: 2 mL (2 cc), two times a day for 10 days for horses and cows. One bottle will worm 3 horses or cows.
1 mL (1 cc), two times a day for sheep and goats. One bottle will treat 6 goats or 6 sheep.

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 - Friday, July 20, 2012
great alternative to worming
Reviewed By:  Maryann (Prescott, AZ) 
I have been using worm clear for 3 or so years. It has worked on strongles and roundworms for my horses. I do a fecal before and after with results that the natural dewormer does work without putting chemicals in your horse. Great product
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