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Wire & Tape Winder & Spool

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Wire & Tape Winder & Spool


Quickly rewinds & recovers electric fence wire or tape. Frame comes with spool (6.5" x 5") & will accommodate 1/4 - 1/2 mile standard electric fence wire.

Ready-to-use. Operates like a kite string reel.

(Tape & wire sold separately.)

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D4-W2 Wire & Tape Winder & Spool Each $19.95
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 - Friday, September 14, 2012
Reviewed By:  Sharon (Sonoma coast, CA) 
I have several of these. I often use these to unwind wire or twine. What I like is that is is very easy to remove the nut, take off the empty spool, and put the new spool on this unit. It can accomadate different size spools, although none really large. Seller should give the maximum lenth and diameter spool that can be used. I put out a lot of 14 gauge wire on 1/4 mile rolls, which is as heavy as I want to pack. (For 1/2 mile or 12 1/2 gauge wire I use a barb wire unroller unrolled on the ground.) As the other reviewer said, the spool it comes with probably would not REWIND a quarter mile of wire unless it is very light gauge. But putting on a larger spool is easy. I have not seen any other unit that is easy to change the spool on as this one.

 - Friday, June 01, 2012
Wire winter
Reviewed By:  Fred (Jennings, LA) 
Not a well made product. I don't see getting 1/2 mile of wire on this spool.
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