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"The Scoop™" with Spade

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"The Scoop™" with Spade


Made in the USA. Constructed from superior, lightweight materials. Sturdy enough for those big jobs. Pans are made of durable, non-rusting aluminum.

An $8.00 over-sized shipping charge will be added to all scoops (excludes Replacement Spades). Two may be purchased for one $8.00 charge.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
8H-L1 "The Scoop™" with Spade, 36" Wooden handle (Model 67W) Each $19.99
In Stock
8H-T1 "The Scoop™" with Spade, 36" Alumilite® handle (Model 67A) Each $19.99
In Stock
8H-F1 3' Alumilite® Replacement Spade for "The Scoop™" with Spade (Model 67A) Each $9.49
In Stock
8H-T2 "The Scoop™" with Spade, 48" Alumilite® handle (Model 67AL) Each $24.99
In Stock
8H-F2 "The Scoop™" with Spade, 4' Alumilite® Replacement Spade (Model 67AL) Each $10.95
In Stock

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 - Tuesday, January 08, 2013
Multiple User in 2 States
Reviewed By:  Katherine (Jasper, Texas) 
I love my Scoop and Spade with the large pan. I now want another large pan for the Duck Camp in another state. I have the small pan model for Duck Camp but when we are at the Duck Camp there are then our two dogs plus the 5 resident dogs moving back & forth using my back yard as a potty field. I really need that large pan to save so many trips to the burn pile!

 - Saturday, October 20, 2012
repeat user
Reviewed By:  Virginia Sanders (Kentwood, LA) 
I purchased one of these about 7 years ago. It is still being used, but it is just now showing some wear, so to be on the safe side, I decided to order another one while I could. It is easy to use, cleans up well, holds a good amount before you have to dump it. I love it well enough to order again.
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