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The Complete Guide to Trick Training (DVDs)

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The Complete Guide to Trick Training (DVDs)

Carole Fletcher and Heza Night Train

Volume 1: This DVD covers the history of trick horse training and Carole's philosophy of teaching tricks, the 3 "P's": Patience, Perseverance, and Praise. You will begin with simple tricks: acting ashamed, put your head on my shoulder, kissing, answering "NO" or "Yes", smiling and pushing or "Drunkard Shove". Then you will move onto taking a hanky from your pocket, a hat off your head, picking up a hat and giving it to you, ringing a bell, waving a hanky, shaking hands, counting and stretching. 90 minutes.

Volume 2: This volume will show you how to teach your horse to drink from a bottle, serve drinks, untie knots, push a baby carriage or lawnmower, roll out the barrel, bow on one knee while dismounted or mounted and kneel on two knees. Plus, you will learn the Arabian prayer and camel stretch, pick up trash and put it in a barrel, play basketball, wave a flag, and spin a rope, count wave a foreleg "Howdy", lie down and play dead, sit up and be mounted then rise with you aboard from a sit, to stand. 90 minutes.

Volume 3: With this final DVD you are ready to progress to the things you see in circuses. Your horse will learn to perform things like: the curtsy bow, crossing legs and pivoting in both directions, while adding the curtsy bow to the pivot or pivoting with one foreleg extended. other techniques learned are the march or Spanish Walk, hesitation march mounted or dismounted, working on a pedestal, "Strike a Pose" with three silhouettes, work on a teeter-totter or gangplank, rearing and standing on one leg and finally walking on hind legs. 90 minutes.

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