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Steady Hands

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Steady Hands

Whinny Widgets

Steady Hands helps keep hands still while maintaining an elastic giving feel on the bit. Perfect tool for dressage riders as well as other disciplines. Made of soft rolled nylon for low maintenance with elastic ends and is longer than a bucking strap for the perfect hand position. Snaps to your saddle D-rings.

Color: Black

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6D-WE Steady Hands Each $19.99
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 - Saturday, November 30, 2013
excellent idea
Reviewed By:  registree (Budd Lake, NJ) 
Best idea! I ride only trail on a spooky horse. Here I can hold on to the 'saddle' and the rains at the same time and because it's long enough I have some leverage to give signals with the reins as well. It just gives me extra security in tricky situations...

 - Thursday, August 18, 2011
Not sure how to use this
Reviewed By:  Marjorie  (Downs, Illinois) 
I received this in the mail and placed it on my saddle. I'm not sure what fingers are supposed to hold the strap but if you hold onto it, it will keep your hands in place. I just would like more information on how to use it and how we are supposed to hold onto it and what fingers etc.
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