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Zoetis (formerly Pfizer)

Oral rehydration treatment to replace lost fluids in scouring calves. Provides other electrolytes, glucose and glycine. Give orally at the 1st signs of scours. For 2 days feed in place of milk; then reduce quantity and mix with milk for 2 more days. Mix 1 pkt with 2 quarts water for 1 feeding.

Key Facts:

  • Rapidly replenishes lost electrolytes and fluids in the scouring calf. a
  • Oral dosing permits fluid replacement at first signs of scours.
  • Easy to mix, dissolves rapidly, stays in solution.
  • Palatable formula tastes good, avoids stress of tube feeding.

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N2-RG Re-Sorb®, 2.26 oz pkt Each $2.99
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 - Sunday, September 22, 2013
Excellent product
Reviewed By:  Patty S. (Blue Mound, Illinois) 
This product is a great help when we first get our calves shipped in or are having issues with scours. It mixes really easily and is perfect for mixing "in bottle" in a pinch. Calves take to it really well and it isn't a thick gel like some (which we have never really had much luck with). I raise A LOT of bottle calves and this is a MUST HAVE in my book.
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