WormGuard Plus Super Concentrate, 2 lb

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For Goats. Diatomaceous Earth plus probiotics plus grape seed extract. Safe for pregnant and lactating goats. Read More

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For Goats

Diatomaceous Earth - pierces the exoskeleton of worms/parasites causing waxy fats and lipids to leak out of the cuticle of the parasite resulting in fluid loss, dehydration and death.

Probiotics - contains 5 lactic acid bacteria of not less than 10 million CFU (colony forming units). For everyday stress, better digestion, and feed conversion.

Grape Seed Extract - powerful antioxidant for immune system support, circulatory functions.

1 Tbsp per 50 lb of body weight. Treat everyday for 90 days, then 2 to 3 times per week.

Safe for pregnant and lactating goats.


  • Brand: WormGuard
  • Type: Feed Additive
  • Ingredient: Diatomaceous Earth
  • Size: 2 lb

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