Probios® Bovine One Plus Natural E

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Good for: Incoming Cattle, Hospital Therapy, Newborn Calves, Fresh Dairy Cows, & Bottle Calves. Improves feed conversion, Increases growth... Read More

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Probios Products are good for:

  • Incoming Cattle
  • Hospital Therapy
  • Newborn Calves
  • Fresh Dairy Cows
  • Bottle Calves
  • Improves feed conversion
  • Increases growth
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Helps livestock survive adverse conditions

First direct-fed microbial and high level, natural vitamin E combined product for calves, fresh cows, feedlot cattle, veal calves, sheep and goats.

beef cattle under 400 lb - 10 g
newborn calves - 5 g at birth
dairy cattle - 30 g at freshening
veal calves - 5 g
sheep/goat newborns - 2 g at birth
incoming feeder lambs - 5 g
breeding ewes and goats - 10 g

300 mL tube Requires an applicator gun. See the Probios Applicator Gun. (Item code PNP3)

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