Mealworm Munchies

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Mealworm Munchies

Mealworm Munchies™ by Manna Pro® is wholesome & delicious! Dehydrated mealworms for feeding to chickens. All natural. High in protein. Read More

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Mealworm Munchies™

Wholesome and delicious poultry treat! Dehydrated bugs for feeding to chickens.

Mealworm Munchies™ Key Points:

  • all natural 
  • high in protein
  • helps chickens express their natural instinct to feed on insects

7½ oz or 20 oz.


  • Brand: Manna Pro®,Manna Pro
  • Type: Treat
  • Form: Mealworm
  • Size: 7½ oz,20 oz

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