MD-Vac CFL, (for Marek's Disease) 200 mL - 1,000 Dose

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MD-Vac® CFL (Marek's Disease) Vaccine for day-old chicks to help prevent Marek's disease. 200 mL vial for 1000 doses (0.2 mL dose). Freight will NOT be added to online orders (see below). Read More

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Dosage: 1,000 Dose (In Stock)

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MD-Vac CFL, 200 mL

Vaccine for day-old chicks to help prevent Marek's disease.

Inject 0.2 ml under the skin into the back of the neck.

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  • Brand: Zoetis
  • Prevention Type: Marek's Disease

Reviews (2)

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Great product"

    Been using the marek's vaccine from Jeffers for a few years now. easy to use, great price, we hatch out ALOT of chicks and the only time I got vaccines elsewhere I didn't like it as much (I might be a creature of habit and the other one was designed differently)

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Vaccine directions incorrect"

    Okay went to fill the vaccine bottle with the 2-3 ml air that it calls for and the darn rubber stopper blew off, all of the vaccine was wasted, on my shirt. Glad I cant get Marecks, as I would be really upset. So I had to immediately take the shirt off and throw it in the washer of cold water as not to spread the virus around, where my baby chicks were without being diluted completely.$ 20.00 plus shipping wasted. First time in 4 years that I have ever had that happen, really not happy.

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