Gentle Leader® Headcollar, x-large (over 130 lb)

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Gentle Leader® Headcollar is the #1 recommended headcollar endorsed by leading trainers, vets and behaviorists worldwide. Read More

Color: Black (In Stock)

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"Sibling" Rivalry: Can't We All just Get Along?

Dogs are social animals whose evolutionary history makes them willing and able to live in groups.  Group living enabled wolves to work together to obtain food, raise their young and defend their territory.  It would be counter-productive for members of a group to fight with each other and risk injury.  Although domestic dogs are not wolves, they do have a social structure in which each dog is either dominant (leader) or subordinate in its relationship with each pack member.  This is a “dominance hierarchy.” 


The #1 recommended headcollar endorsed by leading trainers, vets and behaviorists worldwide.

Quickly controls jumping and pulling. This humane restraint is NOT a muzzle (your dog may open his mouth to eat, drink, pant, bite, etc.) and it won't choke.

Colors: Red or Black


  • Brand: PetSafe
  • Form: Collar
  • Size: Xlarge (Over 130 lbs)

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Works for recycled St. Bernard"

    Gentle Leader headcollar, X-Large -- comes with a DVD on training methods. Excellent! My second-hand dog, a St. Bernard, is a good dog, but sometimes he gets a little stubborn and doesn't want to come when called or slow down when walking. It's rough being dragged by a 180 lb dog! The Gentle Leader immediately helped slow him down and kept him closer to my side while we walked. I think of it as a teaching aide until he is reliable enough to go off-leash on my property. However, I have seen dogs walked with gentle leaders in cities too -- and it does remind them to slow down and stick with their handler. Makes walking less stressful for me -- and less of a drag! ;)

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